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I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build a strong online brand and increase their revenue and impact online.

works for your business

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Stumped on how to grow your business online?

Branding and marketing got you stuck huh? Are you looking to get more clarity about your brand, get more customers and increase your impact online?  If you are experiencing any of these, let's chat!

+ A lot of web visitors but no customers

+ Blending in with the crowd.

+ Unclear target audience

+ No brand strategy.

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No marketing plan.

Unclear brand messaging & identity.

Not sure how to get in front of customers.

+ No niche.



If you need help with getting more customers online, I can help!

I love helping brands to attract their ideal audience and increase their revenue and impact online.

So, I know how it feels to have an amazing brand or product, but not get the exposure you deserve on social media. 

I know because, within the first two years of me starting my business that was me. I was talented, but what I earned didn't match the effort that I was putting into my business.

I was frustrated...


Gratefully, after many trial and error, I discovered a system that proves to attract and convert clients into customers, and I would love to share it with you. I want to see you win. We all know that a business cannot grow without customers, and that is where I come in. I help purpose driven entrepreneurs to get their product in front of customers that are willing to engage and pay.




Revenue earned for 1 business in 8 week


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You have only one chance to leave a good first impression. Let us develop your brand so that it attracts and converts your ideal audience. Let us create something that you would be proud of.



Not sure how to maximize your personal brand to attract your dream client and make a profit? I manage personal brands and help influencers to position and market themselves in an effort to obtain more impact online and monetize their influence.


Take the guess-work out of marketing. Hire a pro that can help to get your business to the next level online. Get back to doing what you love the most, while we work on growing your revenue online for you.


Big Desk

150k in 2 Months with only 2000k in Facebook ad spend.

Seantal is an amazing marketer. We approached her with our online growth concerns for our residential department, and she was able to develop and execute a plan that resulted in us obtaining 600 new subscribers. We earned $150k within 8 weeks of online marketing!!! We plan on remaining partnered with her. She is excellent at what she does.

~ Jones, Gemstar Contractors


I successfully launched over 80 brands including Franchises as well established corporate companies.

Hi! I am Seantal,
your brand marketer.

Here is what I have been doing to help other businesses win.


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Most marketing strategies fail due to not having clarity about your target audience. Selling to everyone is a sure way to achieve low results. 

Get the clarity you need about your target audience so that you can get better results from your marketing efforts.

Get your business in front of customers that are willing to engage and buy your product and services.