Meet Seantal.

Lover of God, people, designs and food. :)


Design. Strategy. Action.

Seantal is passionate about the opportunities that digital media offers businesses today. It gives her a chance to pair the right content and strategy to the right audience at the right time. What a time to be alive in marketing.

Designer. Chef. Jamaican.

Seantal runs her online brand company in Orlando, Florida. Her company focuses on building brands that are visually appealing and converts. She loves to work with start ups and established companies who have left their website neglected, or need a bit of help in entering the digital world with a bang.


Seantal currently has a degree in Computer Networking. While pursuing her Bachelors Degree a few years back, she stumbled into her newly found passion in web and graphic design. After not being afforded the opportunity to work in corporate, which was her dream at the time, she decided to create her own opportunity. She is very happy that her life unfolded in that way. God's plan was indeed greater.


When Seantal is not busy building her clients online empire, she is occupied with cooking amazing meals, working out, singing karaoke (her life is a musical), traveling, and plotting for the future. 




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Client Review.

JOA Designs was prompt, professional, caring, and committed! The customer service is the best. Not only did they take my creative ideas to the next level, but they also made sure my desires were met and my questions were answered at each level. I am definitely going to work with them to execute future branding campaigns and projects.


Angel | Harvard & Hardship