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Case Studies

Client testimonials


Gemstar Contractors Inc.

Gemstar contractors is a well established company in Orlando whose sole focus is to provide HVAC services to Commercial businesses. However, they wanted to transition into residential but didn't know where to start. They also had no social media presence. 

They came to me with their goals to enter into this new area. I developed a plan for them and they were able to gain $150k+ within 8 weeks. They are still earning money up to this day and has since then exceeded that number.

The two platforms used were: Facebook leads, a high converting landing page and Mailchimp. They spent an average of $400 per month and $2-$5 per lead.


Social Media Campaigns + Management | Website Landing Page 


Harvard & Hardship LLC

When Angel just launched her business she wanted to know what steps to take to start obtaining clients online. After a few consultations I was able to direct her on how to grow her business online by positioning her on the right platform and offering her a marketing plan. Today Angel has over 10k YouTube subscribers and regular customers. I also assisted her in getting more students to sign up for her course this summer.


Marketing Consultations, Facebook Advertising, Social media consulting


Paramount Rehab & Fitness

Miquela approached me with her marketing concerns. She wanted to get more results from her marketing efforts. She had partnered with another marketing firm in the past but was not receiving the results she hoped for. They helped her to collect leads by offering a free e-book, but they did not convert to customers.

I suggested another approach using Facebook ads to capture her audience using messenger. The results exceeded her expectations and she received quite a bit of inquiries per week. I also suggested that she use newsletter advertising to convert her existing leads into customers. It worked and she is happy with the result!

Deliverables: Social media advertising, newsletter advertising





Maryrachel is an influencer and a plus sized model who is making a great impact in her space. She approached me wanting to grow her following and increase her engagement on social media.

I helped her to achieve that by curating her feed, and encouraging her to share her story with her audience. I also developed a marketing plan to help her to achieve her goals. Within 5 weeks of working with me she was able to grow her following by 400 people, her reach tripled by 100-500%, and she landed a client despite the odds. 

The odds were: people with less that 2500 followers don't typically get booked. However, because of the strategy she implemented, she was able to make  that deal. We used only organic strategies to achieve this.





The Write Script

Jessica is a script consultant who just got started in business. She struggled with know how to show up on social media with the right strategy that would attract people who would be interested in her brand, and increase sales. The strategies still works for her up to this day.

After working with me for 3 months she was able to grow her account by over 2000 followers, her engagement increased by 400 percent and she now consistently receives inquiries in her business. But don't just take my word for it. Here is hers below.

Seantal was literally the answer to my prayers. I recently started my writing business and I did NOT understand marketing or branding at all. Within the first month, Seantal gave me specific and intentional strategies with my Facebook and Instagram ads to attract my target audience as well as receive more traffic on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. She also helped me with email marketing and creating my own automated funnel. Without her, my business would have remained stagnant. If you are a new entrepreneur and you need help with branding and marketing, use Seantal! You will not regret it. This was the best investment I made with my business. 

- Jessica


Get your business in front of customers that are willing to engage and buy your product and services.

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