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Is it time for a rebrand?


Well hello. This is Seantal here tuning in with a quick tip for the day. So a question I get asked often is "Seantal, is it time for me to rebrand my business?" This is really a loaded question because rebranding can either help your business or harm your business if it is not done with wisdom. OK. So today I am just coming on today to share four signs y'all that it is time to get a rebrand. All right. So sign number one is that your brand is outdated. So if your business has changed, or if your values has changed, and if your business is not going in the same direction as it did when you just launched, then it may be time for you to get a rebrand. The reason being is you don't want to confuse our audience. You want to make your audience aware as soon as possible of the new direction that your business is going, and that way they can receive your rebranding better.

All right.

Sign number 2 that it is time for a rebrand, is that you are attracting the wrong target audience. So we all know you are that a business cannot grow if they don't have customers. Right. So if you are attracting people who do not engage with your product or services or people who are not interested in your business then it may be time for rebrand. You know sometimes we may find this happening because we may have a glitch in our branding messaging, or in or look or positioning, and sometimes you may have to change style, or the look of our brand, so that it can begin to attract the people who will support, buy and purchase, and engage with their business online.

Sign number three that it is time for a rebrand is that your social media, your website, pretty much all of the platforms that your business is on is inconsistent. So we all know that confused people won't buy. So if you are confusing people, if you yourself are confused about your own brand, then that is a huge sign that is time for you to go ahead and just get that rebrand right away. So you want to build the confidence of your customers by being extremely clear about your brand and being consistent on all social media platforms, by doing this, you'll be able to gain the confidence of your customers and grow your business at a healthier rate.

And then the final sign that it is time for you to get a rebrand is if the market is changing. All right. So we all have heard of the case study of Netflix and Blockbuster. So Netflix changed with the evolving market. Blockbuster didn't, hence why blockbusters isn't here today, and y'all we do not want to be blockbusters. All right. So in order to remain competitive in the market with our businesses we will have to discern when it is a good time to evolve with the changing market. If there is a particular thing that is new that your target audience is attracted to then it may be great for you to partake in that new thing going on in your market, because that's where all of your target audience is flocking to. So you have to look at different elements and consider whether this will be a good move for your business or not.

So yea that is it. If you are considering rebranding and you fall under any of these categories then it may be that sign that you've been looking for that it is time for a rebrand annual 2021 is right around the corner. And we want to launch well and we want to launch with effectiveness. I hope this trip was helpful for you. If you need help with your rebranding you can book a consultation by clicking here.

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