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Save time, attract more customers & increase your revenue online with our

Building your brand on social media is hard work.

It can be a hassle sometimes to design your social media posts, find content ideas to post consistently, and in addition to that, growing your customers on social media can be tricky to figure out as well, would you agree?

I totally get it...

What if I told you that growing your social media doesn't have to be overwhelming and that there is an easier way.


What if you could post consistently, increase your engagement, and attract your ideal audience with these attractive templates built specifically for growth?

Work Environment

Introducing the

Chic Professional Bundle

This bundle is packed with designs that every busy entrepreneur need to grow their business effectively on social media. This bundle includes:

51 Editable Templates

These templates are designed to attract and convert your audience into customers. Designs include: lead magnets, testimonials, before and after, quotes and more...

60 Content Ideas E-book

Running out of content ideas? This E-book contains 60 content ideas to improve engagement and keep your customers interested.

Post for Conversion E-book

This E-book breaks down the main areas that every entrepreneur should focus on when posting on social media.

Your Branding Blueprint

Bonus item** The more clarity you have about your brand and your customers, the easier it will be for you to sell to them. This workbook will give you a clearer understanding about who you are here to serve.

How-to Video

This bundle includes a how-to video. If you are wary about learning something new, don't worry! Canva is really easy to update.


Imagine how much better

 your business would be if:

  • You are able to stay ahead of the game with preset designs for your business

  • Save money and time on creative and design work and focus on what you love.

  • Attract more premium clients with attractive social media posts.

  • Build engagement and relationship with your ideal audience on social media.

  • Stand out from the crowd by posting attractive posts that matches your brand.

  • Easily edit your posts within minutes by swapping images and adding texts.

Take a sneak peek

 of what's inside.


 Show up on the web with more confidence + effectiveness with these custom templates. They are...

Easy & Ready to use

Get ready-made chic professional custom square posts and vertical story templates that are ready and easy to use.

Canva Ready

Canva is an easy, free design software. These templates are fully  editable in Canva.

No design skills needed

No design skills are needed. Post beautiful designs consistently and easily.

Save a lot of time

Save a ton of time on designs and finding content. These ready made templates are easy to update and customize for your brand.

Post with strategy

This bundle comes with resources that will let you know how to post to attract your ideal audience & gain more customers.

What are People Saying? 

Clients Rave

Seantal's professional advice pointed me in the right direction to grow my audience. Specifically, she helped me fine-tune my marketing strategy in a way that attracted people willing to pay for my services. As a result, the waiting list for my consultations grew by about 50 people in just a little over 2 months. Also, I once read that design is the silent representative of a business, but frankly, I am horrible at design. Seantal's design skills are IMPECCABLE and were another necessary component to attracting people willing to pay for my services.

~ Angel, Harvard & Hardship

Social media still works.


I know, because I used the attracting and positioning method in marketing to help a client with low followers to earn 6 figures in revenue in 8 weeks using social media. It works, and can be profitable and impactful if it is worked well. 


What I find being a problem for most people are: posting the right type of content and attracting their ideal client. It can be time consuming, and hard to design graphics yourself. That is why I created this bundle. I want to help driven individuals like yourself to win online. This bundle includes tested strategies that will help to convert your followers into buyers. Some templates include: cash creators, book launch templates, new webinar, testimonials, get to know me, promotional, lead magnets and more.

Have questions? Here are the most

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